A little Tropical Fairy Tale in the middle of Columbus, Ohio

"Franklin Park Conservatory" I've been in Columbus many times before but I never took time to really explore the city. Now that I have more time on my hands, I need to integrate into the local life, so I decided to find some cute places around the city to visit! Yesterday my friend took me [...]

Black & White Look

This Christmas we were away from our families, and I have to admit, it wasn't the same. But at least we had a chance to celebrate it together! Over the years we didn't spent holidays together, because Blaz was usually on the plane for the next tennis tournament and I was back home, working! But [...]

Columbus Winter Look

I'm not a big winter fan, if you don't count in the times sitting in the warm living room, next to the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate. Otherwise, I'm always cold. But I often ask myself how do bloggers and models walk around the city in winter, wearing only crop top and a cover up not [...]