Black & White Look

This Christmas we were away from our families, and I have to admit, it wasn't the same. But at least we had a chance to celebrate it together! Over the years we didn't spent holidays together, because Blaz was usually on the plane for the next tennis tournament and I was back home, working! But [...]

Shopping Inspo – Winter Holidays

"Winter Holidays Inspo" With these new style trends, you’ll find some inspiration to spice up your winter wardrobe and add some new pieces to suitcase. This winter, layer up with neutral colors, fabulous faux fur and style them with some incredible accessories. These are some of my favorite items for this winter 1. Fragrance: Chloe Eau de [...]

Columbus Winter Look

I'm not a big winter fan, if you don't count in the times sitting in the warm living room, next to the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate. Otherwise, I'm always cold. But I often ask myself how do bloggers and models walk around the city in winter, wearing only crop top and a cover up not [...]