Welcome to Takeoff with love, where I share my travel stories, fashion and lifestyle tips, which I hope will inspire you!


She is a passionate traveler with Business Masters & Law Degree in her pocket. She is multilingual (fluent) in 4 languages.

She was born and raised in a small but exceptionally beautiful country called Slovenia. Since she was little, she had a dream to explore the world and live abroad and now she is living her dreams.

Her travel journey began because of her love and interest in different places and cultures. Later, she was across the border led by study obligations, specifically in Madrid, where she studied law at Camilo Jose Cela University.

And today she travels with her partner who is a professional tennis player, so she usually say:

“I go wherever love takes me!”


With an academic background of Law and Business and her passion for design and esthetics, she is the right person for collaboration.


Traveling can be sort of magical. It’s unpredictable and beautiful and sometimes downright confusing. But that’s the beauty of it — you never really know what to expect when you pack that bag and leave home behind.

The meaning of my blog is to show my view of the world through exciting travel destinations and interesting lifestyle tips. I’m new “blogger soul” but old “travel soul” so hopefully this blog will grow with me.

Takeoff with love,

Vanesa S.

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