Marmelada and Yogurt by Afrodita

No, I am not writing a grocery list, these are my Go-To sun care products for this Summer. In a collaboration with Afrodita I want to introduce two products, that have been my absolute favorite. Everyone who knows Afrodita Cosmetics, probably owns Marmelada – jam, for perfect bronzed skin – already. And now to add Yogurt that calms and softnes my skin after a long Summer day, well, let me tell you, it is a PERFECT COMBINATION.

Now let me tell you few secrets about each product:


This product is a top Summer product for sure. All my friends are in love with it. Why? You know how everyone wants that perfect golden tan, yet be protected from the sun. Well, Marmelada not only gives you that golden skin, but as well nourish it with some of my favorite ingredients, like 100% organic coconut oil from Philiippines, rich Shea and Cocoa butter and carrot extract, to make that perfect tan. I’ve never been a fan of sun care products with high SPF, as my skin was never sensitive (except on my face), but I do like to protect myself from sun and Marmelada, with SPF 10, is a perfect product for me.


After tanning I love to pamper my skin with Yogurt, that calms my skin after spending a day on the beach. The light, pleasant formula with 100% coconut water, Shea butter and rose hip oil stimulates skin and restore softness and elasticity. But what I love the most is that it doesn’t leave any oily mark.

Well that is it loves. These are my two favorite sun care products. Enjoy summer and don’t forget to take care of your skin. Try out my favorites as I guarantee you will love them.


With love,

Vanesa S.


Afrodita-Marmelada Afrodita-Marmelada Afrodita-Marmelada Afrodita-Marmelada

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