The Myconian Ambassador, Mykonos

On a hill ascending above crystal blue Aegean waters, stands the Myconian Ambassador built into the slope and offering breath-taking views of one of the islands’ most beautiful beaches, the Platis Gialos beach.

The architecture of the hotel spells tradition, tranquillity and luxury, all hand in hand with the impeccable on-site dining experience and tremendous hospitality of the staff.


  • Price range: starting at around 250€ per night (prices vary, depending on season)
  • Location: Main Street, Platis Yialos Mykonos, 84600, Greece
  • Website:
  • Parking: safe private parking
  • Wi-Fi: complimentary
  • Pool, Spa&Wellness, Fitness, Bar

Effortless luxury a stone’s throw away from the heavenly beach


The Myconian Ambassador is placed conveniently to offer extra luxury and a peaceful stay. Yet you can enjoy everything that the island has to offer. Three minutes’ walk brings you to an amazing, sandy Platis Gialos beach with its cafes, water sports and boat trips. If you take an evening walk and follow coastal paths you’ll reach some of the celebrated beach clubs – Namos, Cavo Paradiso and Skorpios, which offer great fun and delicious drinks.


Mykonos town is a 10-minute drive away and if you don’t have a rental vehicle, you can get there either by bus or by taxi. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention, the Mykonos Airport is nearby and more importantly – the Ambassador also offers free shuttle-transfers from and to the airport.


The 69 rooms and suites that the Ambassador has to offer are placed across whitewashed one- and two-storey buildings. Almost all bedrooms look out over the Aegean sea, with super comfortable beds and balconies. The room I stayed in also provided us with our very own jacuzzi, perfect for an evening or late-night dip while gazing at the starts. Around 25 rooms have either their own jacuzzi or small private pool, or a very small shared pool. If I had to describe the mood in one sentence, I’d say the rooms feel very modern and aerial. The all-white interior with a splash of bright colours here and there, flows elegantly with details and cleanly designed furniture. In a word: relaxing. Depth and warmth have been added with beautiful marble, wooden floor or furniture, and splashes of pastel-coloured artwork, while the wide windows and mirrors provide views of the unending horizon.


The food options at the Ambassador are very fresh and extra delicious. You can choose plenty of Greek dishes and if by chance you’ve had enough of eating Greek food every day, well lucky you – there are many European dishes from which you can choose from and even sushi.


And now – the breakfast! Let me begin by saying that, even if you aren’t a big breakfast eater, you won’t be able to resist all the choices the Ambassador has to offer. Breakfast which is included in the price is absolutely tasty. You can pick from a variety of bread, fresh juice, fruit, smoothies, cereal, nuts, veggies, eggs, and salad bits. The staff kindly asks you each morning, how would you like your eggs prepared and then delivers your request. All of that topped with great service, coffee and unlimited champagne means only one thing – it’s fantastic.

If you are looking for a luxury stay close to the beach, bars and restaurants, The Myconian Ambassador is the perfect place for you.

The_Myconian_Ambassador_Mykonos The_Myconian_Ambassador_Mykonos The_Myconian_Ambassador_Mykonos

With love,

Vanesa S.



Thank you, The Myconian Ambassador for hosting me during my stay. As always, all honest opinions are my own.

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