North of the stunning island of Santorini and east of the mainland, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is one of Greece’s most beautiful little islands.

The island is known for its amazing sunsets, charming beaches and fun parties, and I think I’ve found the perfect place to stay in and experience it all!


  • Price range: starting at 100€ per night (prices vary, depending on season)
  • Location: Kanalia Main Road, Mykonos 84600, Greecemain road, 84 60
  • Website:
  • Parking: Safe private parking in front of the property
  • Wi-Fi: complementary

Perfect base for exploring beauties of Mykonos Island!



Sofia’s Bungalows Mykonos is just a short drive away from the main town of Mykonos (Chora) – enough to keep you out of the busy night life for a relaxing sunset and a good night sleep. You can spend the mornings sipping coffee by the outside pool before heading out to explore the little walkways and narrow streets of Mykonos town. However, you’ll definitely need a car to explore the island as the public transport there is almost non-existent. If you don’t like the idea of renting a car, maybe consider renting a scooter for your island explorations. Either way, Sofia’s Bungalows Mykonos has plenty of free parking spaces to accommodate your choice of transport for the holidays.


From the moment I stepped into Sofia’s Bungalows Mykonos I was overwhelmed by the hospitality and kindness of their staff. I was warmly welcomed when I arrived and immediately received tips on places to visit, things to do and restaurant suggestions. They also gave me a map and outlined where everything was so that I had a good sense of how to get around the island. By the way, the best thing about Mykonos is that it’s tiny! It’s so small that it can easily be explored in a day or two, but of course you should stay a few days longer, if you really want to experience the island life.


The property of Sofia’s Bungalows Mykonos are small villas as opposed to a big hotel, so there isn’t any dining or drinking option on the hotel grounds itself, but there is a fully equipped kitchen, ready for preparing a quick breakfast or a larger afternoon meal. The villas are beautiful, modern and authentic at the same time – built in that simple Greek white style with a touch of blue details, just to remind you of the beautiful sea waiting outside for you to explore.

All guests have access to a nice pool with an amazing view. It is an absolutely stunning setting – I watched the pink sun sink into the sea every evening from the comfort of my balcony.


Did I mention that the staff is beyond helpful? They are available promptly when you need them and keep the place in perfect shape. From the morning until the evening relaxation by the outside pool, they are always excited to give advice and make sure that I got the full experience of Mykonos island. I also loved that the owner and his family lived right across the street – that personal touch made our experience even more welcoming and authentic.


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With love,


Vanesa S.

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