Have you ever wondered if drinking 2 liters of water a day can benefit your skin? Well, I did and that is why I accepted 60 day personal challenge, decided to drink 2 liter of water a day to get that glow back. And because I know that healthy skin comes from inside as well from outside, I changed my whole skin-care routine and got rid of all of my previous skin-care products to use only Aqua Réotier line by L’Occitane, which is full of minerals and is known for high concentration of calcium. As the products from their new skin-care collection are recommended for dehydrated skin with enlarged pores and dull skin tone, I immediately knew it will be a perfect fit.



Did you know that drinking water is not only beneficial for better skin, but it flushes out toxins and boosts our immune system? I am a fairly healthy person, and I will try a lot of things that can potentially improve my health.

I never had any problems with my skin, even in puberty. But in the past few months, my passion for traveling the world and hectic lifestyle has left some consequences on my skin, leaving it dry and sensitive. I tried many things to improve the damage, but nothing seemed to help. Then my friend suggested drinking more water, as she noticed I am never really thirsty. To make a commitment of drinking enough water a day, I accepted this personal challenge in a collaboration with L’Occitane with hopes for better results.



As I tried many products lately, just few of them helped hydrate my skin on a daily basis, however the final result was still far from what I wish for. At that time L’Occitane presented their new collection perfect for dry skin types Aqua Réotier and after a quick test I knew it is a great fit for my skin. You can read about beneficial effects of each product here…


I still haven’t finished my personal challenge, but as I did noticed some big changes, I decided to share with you my findings and then add few more things when I complete the process. After 2 weeks of drinking 2 liters of water every day and using only Aqua Réotier products I didn’t see or feel any difference. There were still scars of my previous skin damage and every day a new pimple appeared on my cheeks or chin. My skin was still dry to the point that it stared peeling off. I almost gave up, and if I didn’t promise you to finish this challenge, I probably would. And so I continued the routine.

Then finally, after one month, my skin started to behave differently. I did see a decrease in the number of new pimples on my cheeks, where it was the most problematic area. And this is not all, all of a sudden my skin felt hydrated and got a major glow. I noticed that Aqua Réotier products work amazing on my dry skin as it keeps it hydrated, soft and smooth. Almost all the visible damage is gone already. Of course drinking water has helped in a process of hydration, but what I have also noted is, that my energy level is much higher than before. I have a lot more energy and I don’t get exhausted after a long day. Yay! It has just proven the fact that staying healthy is the key to a healthy skin.


I did it! I completed my 60 day challenge! At first I thought I would never make it, since I am never really thirsty and I usually forget to drink water, but I stayed committed and today I am glad I did.

After 60 days of drinking 2 liters of water per day and using only Aqua Réotier products my skin is clear. There is still sign of damaged skin but I have no new problems. And not only my skin is fairly hydrated and looks really healthy, I have noticed some changes in my body. I don’t have headaches anymore and I am barely tired during the day.


Is drinking enough water a skin-care miracle? No! At least not by its own. I do believe that beautiful skin comes from inside as well as outside, so adding good skin-care routine is important. But I do believe you can improve your skin by proper hydration.

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