One day trip to Alberobello, Italy


Under sunny April skies, Ajda and I decided to continue our trip to the famous region of Puglia and its charming little town called Alberobello. Puglia (in Italian), also known as Apulia, is in the south of Italy, or as I’d say it; the heel of Italy’s boot. The region is not one of Italy’s most visited destinations, but it is becoming increasingly popular as travellers discover its hidden gems: white-washed trullo houses, baroque towns, olive groves, blue sea and beaches along with plenty of sunshine and excellent cuisine. But we’ll get to that later…


Ever heard of a ”trullo”?

I know, me neither! Shortly described, it’s a round stone house with a pointy roof made from limestone. They look very small and interesting, but what is most impressive is the technique in which they are built. The stones of the houses are laid on top of one another and no cement is used to keep them together. Yeah, no cement!

But why? One of the theories is that they were built this way in order to be easily dismantled when the tax collectors came to take land-taxes. So, the trullo went from being an ancient tax-evasion technique to a UNESCO world heritage site.


The trulli can be found all along the Puglia region, and especially in the Itria Valley, but by far the most examples and best-preserved ones, are in the town of Alberobello, where there are over 1500 of these little houses in the quarters of Rione Monti and Aja Piccola.

These quaint little homes dot the town and its streets. They are beautifully renewed, since many are now used as homes and holiday rentals, while others are filled with gift shops, guesthouses, and cafes. Strolling through streets of Alberobello you’ll see many signs for “Vista Panoramica”. When you see one, it means that the building has a panoramic view, so you can hop on the rooftop and snap some great photos! Alberobello is a gorgeous white city with brightly painted doors, tons of ancient Roman architecture, real fresh aromatic macchiatos and amazing food!

It would be funny but true, if I described it as a ”trulli” great experience.

Alberobello-One-DAy Alberobello-One-DAy Alberobello-One-DAy


If you are traveling to Alberobello, I would advise you to stay at unique and authentic Leonardo Trulli Resort. Read more here…


With love,

Vanesa S.

2 thoughts on “One day trip to Alberobello, Italy

  1. Hi Vanesa!
    Nice post about Puglia, this September i’m going to visit it and I what to ask you where did you take the amazing pic with the trulli’s rooftops…it’s wonderful!


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