Still unknown to many, but I am sure this secret island in the bay of Naples will be your next favorite travel destination. I felt for it in the first second I stepped off the ferry. Colors, colors, colors! I was overwhelmed as you know I have a big love for rainbow cities. A tangle of houses painted in blue, pink, yellow and green stole my heart again.

If I had to describe Procida with few words, I would say »a magical mix of Santorini and Positano!«

Procida has been best kept secret of Naples and the area and has always been hiding behind her big sister Ischia. It is only 4 square kilometers big so wandering the streets is pure joy. If you are looking for the best view on this tiny island, Terra Murrata, the highest point and the oldest village, will impress you. You will recognize it by the fortress walls built to protect the city from invaders in 15th century. From up there you will experience one of the most magical views overlooking the Marina Corricella, the colorful fishing village built-in the rock. To add a bit of sparkle, you will even find the colorful fishing boats in the bay in front of marina! Joy!! What more can I say.


Things to know before your trip:

  • OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: Italian and only Italian
  • POPULATION: 10.000
  • CURRENCY: Euro
  • PAYMENT: In most places paying with credit card is no issue. Although have some Euros in you pocket for local coffee shops.
  • BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer months are the busiest.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: I checked many options for a day trip to Procida, but at the end I found out this one is the best. Locate yourself in lively Naples, as the ferry ride to Procida is short, approximately 40 minutes. We stayed in a lovely Caruso Place-Boutique and Wellness Suites, located just 300 meters from the port in Naples. Imagine how convenient was waking up in the morning, knowing that ferry is just few steps away. At the port you will find different ferry providers, but we have chosen SNAW hydrofoils as it is the fastest and they have 4 sailings per day. The price for the ferry is from 15,50 EUR to 19,00 EUR one way, depending on the hour of departure.


For sure one of the best kept secrets! If you are in Naples or traveling to Amalfi area, put Procida on your travel schedule and you can thank me later.


For a day trip to Procida I would advise you to stay in Naples, since traveling will be quicker than from Amalfi coast. Plus you have to experience the largest city in Southern Itay, if even just for a day. I stayed at Caruso Place Boutique & Wellness Suites, located in the heart of Naples, yet just few steps from the port. Read more here…


With love,

Vanesa S.

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