Follow My Personal Challenge with Aqua Réotier and L’Occitane


Summer is right around the corner and now is the last time to prepare our skin for makeup-free Summer days and nights. There is no better feeling than golden tan and natural look. So fresh, so breezy… Right?

I have already escaped Spring for few days, and enjoyed first Summer days in Capri, where I packed a long new L’occitane line Aqua Réotier to test.


My passion has always been traveling. I’ve seen the world, experienced so many different cultures and laugh in many different languages. But my passion and unique lifestyle made some visible damage on my skin. As I am aware that beautiful skin comes form outside as well inside, I decided to invest in my skin routine and in a collaboration with L’occitane accepted a challenge.

As I often forget to drink sufficient daily dose of water, I suffer from dehydration, which affects my skin in many ways. I realize that no skin product will help me recharge my skin without drinking enough water while traveling. That is why I happily accepted L’Occitane proposition, when they challenged me to use proper hydrating skin care products and drink 2 liter of water every day for the next 2 months hoping for better results. Now I have no excuses to fix the damage, that traveling around the world caused.

Drinking sufficient water is beneficial not only to look good, but to feel good.

I’ve read some great reviews of girls who has already been through this routine and I am excited to try it on my own. The results were positive, but I wasn’t surprised, as I do believe drinking water is a part of staying healthy and having glowing skin.

After 2 months I will write a full review of my experience, so you can try the same routine, if results are  positive and for me ”life changing”. But in the middle of the process you can follow my experience through Instagram stories.

But before I start challenging myself, let’s get familiar with the skin-care products I will be using and testing in the following months



A foaming gel cleanser enriched with calcium-rich Réotier water eliminates impurities while leaving skin comfortable and soft.


A pre-moisturizer with calcium-rich Réotier water. This product gives skin a first layer of moisture.


Ultra thirst-quenching gel’s benefit is to recharge skin with water and leaves it glowing all day.


An ultra thirst-quenching fresh melting cream recharges skin with water and leaves it soft all day long.


A fresh face care moisturizing mist refreshes and hydrates skin during the day when needed.

Loccitane-Aqua-Reotier-Line Loccitane-Aqua-Reotier-Line Loccitane-Aqua-Reotier-Line Loccitane-Aqua-Reotier-Line

In a collaboration with L’Occitane. As always, all honest opinions are my own.

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