Chasing Summer With Minéral 89 by Vichy


This month there is a new product in town and everyone seems to be loving it. Vichy Slovenia has launched their new addition called Minéral 89, a skin fortifying and plumping daily booster, that contains 89% mineral-rich thermal water sourced from France, is enriched with 15 skin-loving minerals and additionally combined with Hyaluronic Acid to fortify skin and make it more resistant.



It is no secret that many skin care products are made of water as their main ingredient. But Vichy’s Minéral 89 fortifying and plumping daily booster has an outstanding formula of 89% of it. And not just plain water, but thermal water that is rich in minerals, which based on a legend, have moisturising, soothing and skin-strenghtening benefits. Moreover, not every thermal water has the same compositions, but Vichy Thermal Spa Water has 15 minerals, including potassium, magnesium and calcium, which are the same minerals that you can find in your skin’s natural moisturising factor.

With only 11 ingredients, Minéral 89 proved to be simple yet very effective.

The reason behind simple formula is for the booster to fit even the most sensitive skin types. The benefit is that the simple formulation is that it does not contain any fragrances or other ingredients that might irritate sensitive skin types.



I’ve been testing Minéral 89 for more than one month every morning and before sleep. The lightweight gel-like formula absorbs into the skin immediately, leaving a pleasant, fresh, shine-free finish. It is recommended to use 2 drops of booster and spread evenly over the face until fully absorbed, but 3 works better for my extremely dry skin. It says that it can be used as the first step of your skin care routine or as your moisturizer, but in my case using it as a moisturizer in a cold climate is not enough so I use it in a combination with moisturizer and thankfully, it layers well with other skin care products. However, in humid climate it might be sufficient. I also have a very sensitive skin, and I was thrilled that the product didn’t trigger any unpleasant reaction.



Minéral 89 is perfect for dry, sensitive, oily and normal skin. I have problems with dry skin and I love the product just because it keeps my skin optimally hydrated during the day, which seems to always be the problem with other products that I used in the past. Additionally, because of its calming formula it immediately soothe hypersensitive skin and reduces the redness that I’ve noticed lately.

Essentially, everyone can benefit from this serum.

With love,

Vanesa S.


In a collaboration with Vichy Slovenia. As always, all honest opinions are my own.

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