3 Day Paris Itinerary, France


If you are traveling to Paris and only have few days to explore the city, then this article might help you plan your trip. I know you probably think that 3 days in Paris is not enough, since the city is vast and there is so much to explore, but with great organization and planning skills, 3 days is more than enough to visit all the mayor sightseeing places and experience true Parisian vibe. Besides, even a short trip to Paris can be magical.

Things to know before your trip:

  • POPULATION (2017): 11.011.000 (metro)
  • CURRENCY: Euro
  • PAYMENT: In most places paying with credit card is no issue. Although have some Euros in you pocket for taxi and street crepes.
  • SAFETY: Like in any large European city, precautions are required. In general Paris is a safe city, but tourists may nevertheless be a target for pickpockets and crooks on the city’s streets (I was a target this year, luckily I noticed my friend’s phone in pickpocketers hands, and by luck we got it back), especially in touristy places and busy metro stations. As well, because of the recent attacks, Paris is marked high when is comes to the terrorism risks.
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Paris has great public transportation. There are many options, like bus, RER or metro, that will get you near any mayor turist attraction. As well is safe to use, just keep an eye on your belongings. I would highly recommend you using Uber, since it is very easy to go around.
  • BEST TIME TO VISIT – Paris is a popular city destination all year-long, but best time to visit is Spring and Summer.

Paris has to be one of my favorite European cities and this was my fourth time visiting (twice in 2017). There is no city like ”city of love”. From spectacular views of Eiffel Tower, beautiful secret gardens, the most delicious French pastries, Paris has a lot to offer for romantic souls like me. It seems like Parisians have figure out the right recipe to create a city where everyone falls in love.

That is why I prepared this 3 day Paris itinerary, as I would like you to experience Paris through my eyes, visit my favorite places and maybe you will fall in love with Paris as much as I did the first time I stepped my foot in this city.



Nothing is more iconic in Paris than a glimpse of Eiffel Tower. Wake up early (6 o ‘clock in the morning) and experience one of my favorite 2017 moments, a sunrise at famous Place du Trocadero (metro line 9) overlooking Eiffel Tower and Jardins du Trocadero. Walk around towards the river Seine and you will find one of the most photographed carousel with Eiffel Tower in the background. Because you probably woke up too early to have breakfast at the hotel, find a kiosk at the plaza and have delicious crepes with strawberries and Nutella.



Continue towards Arc de Triomphe with metro line 6 or walk 20 minutes. You will arrive to one of the most busiest roundabout in Paris with a monument in the middle, initially commissioned by Napoleon for those who fought for France in French Revolutionary Wars. Continue towards 1.9 km long Avenue des Champs- Elysees that is known for theatres, cafes and luxury shops. It is a perfect place to have a lunch, glass of wine or taste delicious Laduree macarons.


If you decide to walk down the Avenue des Champs- Elysees you will arrive to Place du Concorde at the end, which is one of the major public squares in Paris with two fountains representing rivers and seas. Take the metro line 1 towards Palais Royal (second stop) or walk 15 minutes towards to arrive to destination. Palais Royal is a former royal place but nowadays is a seat of Ministry of Culture and Constitutional Council. It is as well very popular Instagram place because of the signature black and white pillars and beautiful garden.



Continue to the Louvre Museum, the world’s largest art museum and a historic monument in Paris, since it is only few minutes walk away. If you have never been to museum, I would highly recommend you to spend at least few hours in there.




Take a metro from the city to Montmartre and spend the whole day in this romantic Parisian neighborhood. With cobblestone streets leading to small charming plazas, adorable cafe shops and restaurants, and with the most majestic basilic Sacre Coeur with a view over Paris, it deserves a title for the most romantic neighborhood in Paris. Don’t forget to look for the most popular Pink House called La Maison Rose or have a lunch at Le Consulat.


After spending afternoon in Montmartre, return to the city center for a sunset at Notre Dame, a medieval catholic cathedral. It is exceptional inside and outside, but my favorite part is a small garden on the other side of the entrance to the cathedral. There is no admission for cathedral, but there is a 8.5 euro fee for visiting bell towers.



Now you have seen all the major attractions Paris has to offer, so there is just one thing to do – enjoy the city. Buy a french pastries and go to the river bank with the Eiffel Tower view. One of my favorite places is right next to Pont Alexandre III.



Finish the day with one of the most famous galleries in the world that always amazes tourists with fairy tale decorations. Not many people know, but Galleries Lafayette offer one of the best panoramic views of Paris on the rooftop that is open to public.

I hope my 3 day itinerary will inspire you to visit Paris. Hopefully my kind of Paris will make you fall in love with the city and make you want to come back for more.



Carousel-Paris Dior-Paris Palais-Royal.PAris Pont-Alexandre-III Pont-Alexandre-III Paris


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With Love,

Vanesa S.

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