Trip to Rovinj With Renault, Croatia


Before heading to Rovinj, I was told by a lot of friends that I will fall in love with this small romantic city. Rovinj is known as a pearl of Istria region and it resembles a lot of Cinque Terre and Venice in combined. What more can you wish for a weekend getaway, right?

This small charming city has been on my bucket list for years, and even though I’m Slovenian and Rovinj is just few hours away, this was my first time! I decided it is time to go on a girls retreat again, since our Sarajevo Trip was so much fun. So I called Ajda and she was up for it in a second. Our drive with Renault Kadjar was quick and smooth and after 2 hours of girls talk, we arrived to lovely Rovinj. I was impressed. By now you probably know, I am a big romantic soul and I always search for unique and charming places while I travel.

Well in Rovinj’s old town, every street, every garden and every coffee shop, is full of love and beauty. So dreamy.

Old town of Rovinj is a labyrinth of colorful houses, small gardens and cobblestone medieval streets where it feels good to get lost for a moment. Don’t worry, as the city is so small, every distance is shorter than 10 minutes to find your way out to the main square. So I really advise you, get lost on purpose! You never know where you will end up. Maybe in a fairy tale garden like this…


Another thing I would highly recommend, wake up early in the morning and take a stroll to the Monte beach, the city beach which is located at the end of peninsula. You will experience one of the most beautiful sunrises overlooking island of Katrina. But for the ones who prefer activities in the morning, small city hill, where the Venetian style church of St. Euphemia stands, is the perfect place to observe sunrise  as well.

But for the peak of your trip a boat ride with a panoramic view of Rovinj is an absolute delight. There are many options to book a boat ride, but as there are so many fishermen at the pier in the morning, we tried out our luck, and got the most authentic boat ride in Rovinj.

Our day couldn’t end more perfectly.


We were staying at unique and very memorable Santo Spirito Palazzo Storico, which is located in the old town of Rovinj, just minutes walk to the restaurants, galleries and shops where you can buy a souvenirs or local Croatian products.


Hope my pictures and recommendations will inspire you to visit Rovinj and its beauties!

With love,

Vanesa S.

Rovinj-View Rovinj-Harbor Renault_Kadjar Rovinj-Old-TownSpirito-Santo-Palazzo-Storico-HotelRovinj-Sunset

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