Girls Trip to Sarajevo with Adria Airways, Bosnia & Herzegovina


I’ve never been to Sarajevo and when I was invited by Adria Airways to test their new group travel product and to explore Bosnian capital with few other bloggers, the first thing that came to my mind was, what are we going to do in Sarajevo?! Knowing Sarajevo has gone through sad period in history, I had completely wrong impression of how it looks today. Already in first minutes after our arrival, I was impressed by its energy which is a perfect mixture of old charm with new modern lifestyle. After that, I had no doubts that it is going to be a great trip. We tried traditional sweets and dishes, smoked shisha, hike above the city and did what girls love the most – SHOPPING at their famous bazaar! At the end Sarajevo turned out to be a perfect city for a weekend getaway!


Me and the girls were so excited to get around the city and explore and this is what we came up with:


Bascarsija, the old bazaar, is the heart of Sarajevo. Walking through old part is the best way to understand the history and energy of the city. The old town in Sarajevo is mostly influenced by the Ottomans and the Islamic culture and it is very interesting to experience. There are also many places with good food and traditional tea or coffee shops.Would highly recommend you to try their traditional baklava.


Vijecnica completely stole my heart and it is by my opinion the most beautiful building in Sarajevo, located right by the river and not far away from old town. This Austro-Hungarian building is one of the best known symbols of Sarajevo, and it is not to be missed especially if you are interested in architecture and history. However, there is a small entrance fee for visitors.


For the best view in town you have two options, White and Yellow Bastion. But our local friend suggested us to visit Yellow Bastion or Zuta Tabija, so we followed her recommendations. As it is up in the hill, an easy hike to get up there from Bascarsija is necessary, but at the end all the sweat pays off as it offers one od the best views of Sarajevo.


If you want to visit an authentic coffee and tea place than Dzirlo with its owner will give you exactly that! One of the most memorable memories from our Sarajevo girls trip, as the lovely owner gave us a special welcome to the city.


Most known as the place that started World War I., since it is the place where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. Today it is a lovely bridge over Miljacka river that gives a beautiful view over the colorful buildings on the other side.

Hope our Sarajevo trip inspired you to pick up your phone and call all your girlfriends to join you on a girls trip. In that case, Adria Airways has a perfect new GROUP TRAVEL product – Always in good company, for group travel like this, where a group of friends can fly on the same flight to one of the direct destinations (Skopje, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Tirana, Prague, Pristina and Warsaw) for a cheaper price! How amazing is that?

With love,

Vanesa S.


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