How To Create A Good Media Kit For Travel Bloggers


Since my last article TRAVEL BLOGGING TIPS FOR BEGINNERS – Q&A was so helpful, I decided to help you as well with creating your first Media Kit. Many of you asked me what Media Kit actually is?

Media kit is your representation, it is your business card as a travel blogger. It is a document containing all the important information about your blog and social media with an intention to catch an eye of potential clients. Everytime you pitch to a hotel or tourist board, you need to attach media kit. It shows all of your statistics plus it makes clients see you as a professional blogger and possible collaboration partner.

I had my media kit from the beginning of my blogging career, but recently I change its visual appearance. WHY? Nowadays hotels get so many media kits that it’s impossible to get through them all, and trust me, the last thing they want is to read your 5 pages long presentation. It is time-consuming and boring. My opinion is, the shorter and clearer it is, the better. You need to convince a client that you are worthy of collaboration, not to push them away. So I advise you to create a media kit that is short and gets straight to the point.


There are many options what to include in your media kit, but this is what gets me jobs:

  • CAPTION: Name of your brand has to be seen, so that clients can remember you.  You can as well include few words about what your blog is about. But I didn’t since when pitching to hotels and destination boards it is kind of clear you are in travel industry. If you are a fashion blogger pitching for a hotel, then it is better to include your main niche. Adding email, website and social media handles is up to you, but I prefer add them in the email with direct links.
  • LOGO: Shows clients this isn’t your hobby, but profession. Always act professional from start to end. PR representatives from big hotel chains are very respected people in the business, so you don’t want to disappoint them before you even get a chance to negotiate for a collaboration.
  • STATISTICS: Include all of your statistics, from blog views, to social media followers. These are the things that matter the most, as I stated already in my previous article! This is your VALUE. They will decide whether to work with you or not, mostly on statistic.  You can also include demographic, age of your followers, and gender statistics.
  • PAST COLLABORATIONS: This is the part that will seal the deal if your statistic are good enough. But even if they are not, it is the factor that can convince many clients. WHY? If you have collaborated with many respectful clients in the past, especially 5 stars hotels, airlines or destination boards that clearly shows, you are a blogger worthy of collaboration.
  • SERVICES THAT YOU PROVIDE: This is a great way to show your clients what can you offer in return. The most common thing for travel bloggers is BLOG EDITORIAL and SOCIAL MEDIA COVERAGE. As well you can offer them sponsored content on your site or a giveaway. It is up to you how you want to promote a brand. What I usually do is BLOG EDITORIAL and SOCIAL MEDIA TAKEOVER or takeover of client’s social media accounts.
  • PICTURES: Chose one of the best pictures that represent your brand. Make sure they are clean and bright.


Example of my Media Kit!


You have plenty of options on-line for purchase, but if you have any knowledge in graphic design, make one yourself and save some bucks. I did mine with LIVE COLLAGE APP (not sponsored).  Just be creative and make sure it represents you, your style and vision and that is interesting. From hundreds of media kit that PR representatives gets every day you need to stand out.

Hope this tips helps you create your first MEDIA KIT. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me here or in my DM.

With love,

Vanesa S.

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