Zagreb’s Most Unusual Landmark, Croatia


Zagreb has so many popular places to visit, but one in particular is standing out by its beauty and uniqueness. I’ve been to Zagreb countless times, considering it is only a short drive from Maribor, where I was born. But until recently I didn’t even know of this place and I was amazed by what Google showed me after I searched for the most beautiful place in Zagreb – Mirogoj Cemetery. I know you must be even more shocked than I was, because to be honest, this wasn’t my first time visiting cemetery. You must think I’m weird that I’m spending free time at weird places, but to explain myself, I visited Recoleta cemetery in Buenos Aires that is must for every visitor given it is the place where beloved Evita Peron was laid to rest. To continue, I drove a bit outside of city center to find this mysterious place and as I was getting closer I could already see that I found Zagreb’s most precious travel gem. But I wasn’t the only one, as I noticed that many tourist have already found out about Zagreb’s most unusual landmark.

Decide yourself if this place is worth a visit!

Beautiful Grounds and a Park
Mirogoj Cemetery
Exceptional Entrance of Mirogoj Cemetery
Wearing Forever21 Sandals and HM skirt and Shirt
Beautiful Architecture

With Love,

Vanesa S.

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