Traveling Europe with Away Luggage


For a frequent traveler like me a perfect piece of luggage is very important. I’ve tried everything, from high-priced and high-tech to mid price that broke on the first flight. I had my last luggage for years now and because it was still on 2 wheels I desperately needed a change to make my travels a lot easier.

Away Luggage- The Large Size

I did a research and I was impressed by the reviews of AWAY, so I reached out to them and within a week my new luggage was ready for my next Europe adventures. By now my “THE LARGE” sand suitcase has already passed few destinations from Ohio to Paris, Vicenza, Venice, Milan and Slovenia and in the mean time I had a chance to form an opinion from a female travel perspective. And here are my thoughts:

  1. IT IS SUPER LIGHT (9.9 Ibs or 4,5 kg)

My first packing was basically the same as always. I usually pack the same amount of things (believe me after a while, you don’t need a scale anymore, you just know) and this time was no different. I packed everything and I noticed that my AWAY is lighter than usual. So I used a scale and I was blown away. It was a few pounds lighter and there was still room for more clothes! What more can a woman want? No doubt that this luggage is lighter than any other I’ve ever owned.



One of the things a female traveler needs is stylish luggage and AWAY took care of that too, designing luggage in 6 trendy colors (black, blue, green, sand, brick, asphalt – pink is completely sold out at the moment). I was choosing between black and sand and at the end I picked out sand as my previous one was black and I wanted a change.


Based of the quality you get with AWAY the price is very reasonable. And the fact that they offer lifetime warranties makes this luggage very affordable.


The luggage is so thoughtfully designed. First off all, organizing has never been easier. I love the fact that AWAY luggage has two divided compartments, one designed for clothes, the other for shoes, bags, toiletries and other hard objects. It is easier to pack and it is more functional once you arrive at your destination. That way you always know where to look up for a certain item in your luggage. Plus it has removable laundry bag which comes handy on long trips.
Secondly, and my favorite part, it has four 360 degree wheels that made my travels so easy, since I don’t have to drag my luggage anymore. I wanted to change from 2 to 4 wheels for a long time and I wish I had done that sooner. It is easy to maneuver without any effort.

Now the real game changer is the battery pack that is build in to the luggage. This is especially important for those who spend a lot of time on their phones while traveling. Now you can charge your phone everywhere you go. But just a reminder, only carry on has this feature.


Because of its light structure the first thing that came to my mind was »This luggage is going to break on my first flight«. But it won’t. It is designed from polycarbonate shell, an impenetrable shell that bends under pressure and never breaks. But even if something goes wrong and you have bad luck, don’t worry, as AWAY offers a lifetime warranty.

Away Lockers


Disclaimer: Away provided me with my own suitcase to give my honest review! This post is not sponsored but thank you AWAY for designing the perfect luggage to make travels easier.


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