Two Days in Vienna, Austria


If you are traveling to Vienna and you have no time to see all of the sights in the city, this guide is right for you. Two days guide to Vienna includes my suggestions for the first time visitors and it will provide you with a good overview of what you can do in Vienna for a weekend break. If you are in a hurry, one day is enough to see all of the main attractions and to feel the trendy vibe this city has, but it is even better if you can take off the whole weekend to explore.

I traveled to Austrian capital during my Europe Tour in the beginning of June. By my opinion Vienna is one of the most overlooked cities in Europe. There is so much history on every corner and it is a perfect mix of old aristocratic style with modern influence. There are two best times to visit Vienna, for Christmas and Spring. Vienna is known for its magical Christmas market that ranks as one of the top markets in Europe. But if you are planning to visit the city in warmer months, then I recommend you to visit in May or June when everything is blooming.

Here are my suggestions on what to do when you have only 2 days in Vienna:


Start a day with a good healthy colorful meal. Vienna Naschmarkt has around 120 market stands and restaurants offering from Viennese to Indian to Italian culinary. We stopped by at NENI AM NASCHMARKT restaurant and the food was delicious. It is the place to be for young and young at hearts. And don’t miss the flea market on Satrurday.


For art and architecture delight visit Belvedere Palace Museum. It is a complex of two baroque palaces – Lower Belvedere and Upper Belvedere – with large beautiful styled gardens and statues.


For a break in between, visit Volksgarten, an ideal place to spend an hour or two. It is a public park with beautiful rose gardens. And don’t forget a picnic basquet and a blanket.


The Rathausplatz is a large open square that one can wander through in front of the magnificent Rathaus building. Outstanding City Hall with always something going on, from cultural events, concerts, circuses and sports events.


If you’re an architectural admirer, don’t forget to visit this incredible church. The symbol of Vienna, St. Stephens Cathedral is a beautiful Roman Catholic Church located in the city center. Would advise you to enter, but be prepared to get lost in there for few hours admiring the beautiful scenery.


One of the leading opera houses in the world with a wide repertoire. There is different show every night that offers an experience you won’t easily forget.

Rose Garden at Volksgarten
Belvedere Palace Museum
Flea & Street Markets at Vienna Naschmarkt
Carriage In front of Imperial Palace
Streets of Vienna
Amazed by the Beauty of Belvedere Palace Museum
Pink Roses are My Favorite
Streets of Vienna
St. Stephens Cathedral in Center
Karlskirche Church

With love,

Vanesa S.


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