Top 5 European Destinations For Female Travelers 2017

Summer is right around the corner and you are probably already packed and ready to go on vacation. There is no better feeling than leaving last day of work before disappearing for few days! Vacationing is good for your soul and everybody need few days to recharge batteries. But the question is, did you already pick out your Summer destination? If you are leaning to summer in Europe than this is the right place for you.

Europe is very easy to travel for female travelers. I traveled most of the countries in past years and I have to say, it is very safe to travel even if you are a solo female traveler. Some of the countries are very welcoming others less, but if you travel wisely you won’t experience any troubles.

So, if you are planning a girls trip, a weekend getaway or solo exploration in Europe, here are my top picks for Summer 2017.

  1. ITALY


Italy is a wonderful country located in the heart of Europe with a pleasant mediterranean climate and exceptional cuisine. There is so much diversity to experience, from historic places like Rome and Venice, to stylish capitals like Milan and colorful Cinque Terre. Italy is so welcoming and local people are very hospitable even with their broken English. But don’t worry, you will understand their hand gestures.



When I think of France, I always think of Paris and freshly baked baguette. But France is much more than that. Especially South of France is lovely in summer. But I would also recommend the astonishing countryside with the medieval castles and chateaus. Especially Annecy, Colmar, Gordes and many more. And then there is dreamy Provence with typical lavender filled fields and the scent you will always remember.  The further South you go, more villages and old-looking towns you will find. And don’t worry, it is completely safe for femme travelers.

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Hidden inside the Maritime Alps between Italian and French Riviera there is Monaco – one of the top luxurious destinations in Europe. Even though it is the worlds 2nd smallest independent territory of only 30,000 habitants, everything there feels big. From famous casinos, luxury hotels and shops that will empty your wallet, Monaco is known for a spectacular lifestyle. The country welcomes femme travelers and it is very safe to explore.

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The spectacular scenery makes Slovenia one of the top destinations in Europe. Slovenia has everything to offer even for those selective travelers. You can go hiking in the mountains or swimming in the Adriatic sea. And you can do all this in one weekend as it so small you can cross the country by car in only 3 hours. But remember, usually the most unknown and small places carry greater beauty than any other well know place.

As Slovenia is the country where I was born and spend most of my time, I can tell you first hand it is one of the safest countries in the world. Slovenians are very blessed with low crime rate and femme travelers are treated with nothing but respect.

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If you are budget traveling than Croatia offers the most for lower prices. It is cheaper than most of the European countries, but it depends what city you are traveling to, as on the other side offers one of the most luxurious party places – Hvar that can be compared with Ibiza and Saint Tropez and every year it is visited by many celebrities.

Along the coast there are so many beautiful places and islands. One of my favorites is Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Trogir, Mljet, Brač… Further South you go, more beautiful the emerald sea is. And it is very safe for femme travelers.

What are you waiting for? Pack your things and go explore beautiful European countries!

With love,

Vanesa S.

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