One Day in Vicenza, Italy


Finally, summer in Europe. Those sleepless nights, bright stars in the sky and fresh summer breeze on your tanned skin. You guys know what I mean, right?

We started our European summer tour in Paris then continuing to beautiful Italy. I’ve been to Italy many times, as Slovenia is bordering Italy and from my home town to the closest border is takes only 2 hours by car. We used to take a lot of family trips when I was little and I have to say Italy has a special place in my heart. I’ve been to many Italian cities, from Venice, Trieste, Milan, Rome, Verona, Lago di Garda, Firenze, … but it was my first time in Vicenza. Not knowing what to expect, I was sure about one thing, Italy can not disappoint you!

After one week spending there I collected some of the things worth visiting:


The Basilica Palladiana is the most iconic building of Vicenza. During summer you can visit basilicas terrace that offers views of the Piazza del Signori, city square where you will find restaurants, shops and bars where you can relax. The lively small town spirit circles around this Palladios masterpiece. On Tuesdays and Thursdays you can visit flea market and in the summer this square is very popular as it is hosting live music events and festivals.


This gorgeous theatre is one of the most visited places in Vicenza and it was design by Palladio like most of the town. Now it is a part of UNESCO World Heritage. It is truly remarkable, but my favorite part is the garden outside the entrance. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9AM-5PM and the cost of entry is 11 EUR.


One of the nicest and the most famous villas designed by Palladio. It is located a bit outside of city center, but definitely worth a visit. But to see this beauty you will have to hike up the hill. But terrific views of lovely Vicenza will make this short hike even more special. It is open every Wednesday and Saturday from 10AM-12PM and 3PM-6PM and the entrance fee is 10 EUR. They offer private tours as well, but reservation 2 weeks in advance is required.


By far one of the most beautiful restaurants we have ever visited. Just the scenery with flowers everywhere and the all white rustic design is perfection. It has real italian charm and food choice is excellent but not too pricy.


Basilica Palladiana at the Piazza dei Signori di Vicenza
Streets of Old Town of Vicenza
Basilica Palladiana
Old Town Architecture
Old Italian Charm
Villa Delle Rose Restaurant
Villa Delle Rose Restaurant in Vicenza
Garden at Teatro Olimpico
Beautiful Garden at Teatro Olimpico
Gelato in Italy is a Must
The Bacchiglione River in Vicenza

If you are traveling from Venice to Verona, Stop by Vicenza at least for one day, you won’t regret. This small city charm will persuade you to stay longer than you planned. You can thank me later.


With love,

Vanesa S.

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