Best Views of Panama City, Panama

Ohhh, Panama! What an exciting city to visit. This latin city is the most modern city not only in Panama, but as well in the rest of Central America and you will notice that as soon as you land. Before my visit I knew Panama city is very developed and ahead of time in comparison with the rest of the country, thanks to Panama Canal, but once you get there, you actually realize how big and trendy this metropolis is. Probably that is why Panama City has been given the unofficial title of The Dubai of Latin America, due to the recent rapid influx of skyscrapers, high-rise buildings, and increasing number of wealthy people living in the city.

But let’s go to the point as you probably want to know where to find the best places to take pictures that take your breath away. During my stay, my mission was to find hot spots in the city that offer spectacular view of all the skyscrapers and Panama city magic. It was not so easy, but luckily with the help of my local friend, I left Panama with some beautiful pictures and the best memories.

Here is my choice of the best spots to take pictures:


Trump Ocean Bar offers the best view of the city. The bar is located in 66th floor and it is opened from 6PM every night. The view is truly breathtaking and the infinity pool above the city makes the atmosphere even better.  There is no entrance fee, but drinks are more expensive than in regular city bars.

Trump Ocean Bar

Cinta Costera is the best place in Panama City where you can enjoy green spaces without leaving the city. The strip connects modern Punta Paitilla with Casco Viejo district. This is where you will find some of the most amazing views, plus the famous Panama City Sign is located here. The easiest way to find this place is by Uber, plus it’s at least half of the price as regular cab.

Cinta Costera View
Cinta Costera
Panama Sign at Cinta Costera

Probably my favorite sight-seeing as it reminds me so much of my dear Europe. This intriguing historic district is known for its restored colonial buildings, city squares and churches, shops and restaurants, that makes you feel like you entered distant, romantic past. I would advise you to take a stroll from Cinta Costera as it leads you directly to Casco Viejo and it takes only 20 minutes. You will noticed that the coast of old city offers pretty spectacular views of the new part, but my favorite view of skyscrapers from Casco Viejo must be from Plaza de Francia.

Casco Viejo
Casco Viejo Street Art
Plaza De La Independencia

But there is so much more to explore in old town so once you are there, take advantage and explore Casco Viejo, as it is very small and it will take you only few hours to get around. One of the top visited places in Casco Viejo are Plaza de La Independencia and the impressive Iglesia Catedral, as well as Plaza Bolivar,which is known as a popular tourist attraction. There you can also find Teatro Nacional, which hosts many theatrical events. I would advise not to book a tour since it is very easy to go around, but just be careful, as it is not known as the safest place in the city.

El Carmen Church

If I got you excited about Panama, book your hotel and go explore. I was staying at Riande Granada Urban Hotel which is located in Granada area.

Riande Granada Urban Hotel, Panama


Hope this article will save you time planning your trip and you will be able to take the best pictures to show your friends how amazing Panama City is!

With love,

Vanesa S.

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