How I Book Hotels?

Hei there travelers!

In all my years of traveling, I met with inconveniences when booking hotels, so I dedicate this article to you that in future you will not have any problems or inconvenience that can ruin your vacation.

On the internet there are many providers that try to convince you to book a hotel, with very low prices, but as you know what looks too good, is usually not true. I read that some travelers made the reservation of a hotel, but when they arrived at the location, the reservation did not exist and even worse, there was no hotel! 3 years ago I experienced similar shock at the airport when I booked a flight from Zagreb to Madrid trough a well-known provider, and 2 hours before my flight, when I was already at the airport, I found out that my reservation did not exist. I had no other choice, but to buy new, significantly more expensive ticket and I was furious. However, the drama was not over! After a month of sending e-mails and lot of stress, I finally got my money back.

From that experience I’ve learned to trust only certain providers, which are verified and trustworthy. is one of these providers that I trust completely, since everything always went smoothly and without problems. Over I have made a lot of reservations and the website is very reliable and I feel comfortable doing payments with them.

I just booked 3 hotels in China and one in Japan and it was very easy and stress-free.


Have you ever booked your stay with What are your experiences?

With love,

Vanesa S.


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