Oversize Shirt and OTK Boots Look

Hei guys!

I can finally say that I overcame the jetleg. For years I struggled because I didn’t listen to Blaz, who is let face it – professional traveler – but since it is always tougher to come from States back to Europe (time wise), I did listen to  him this time. And look at me, all fresh and up in the morning, not getting sleepy for the whole day.

So here is my tip what to do if you are traveling from West to East. When you land, by no meaning do not go to sleep until there is an appropriate time to go to sleep in the country you are visiting. That it how you will get tired during the day and you will sleep like a baby over the night. Trust me:)

And now the main thing I wanted to show you. Before I went to Europe I had a chance to collaborate with this amazing photographer @brandonjstinson who made this shots in Columbus downtown area. Hope you like them.

Oversized jacket: Forever21| OTK Boots: Zara| Oversized shirt: HM| Overbody bag: Calvin Klein| Sunglasses: Rocawear

You can shop my jacket and similar OTK boots via this LIKE TO KNOW.it


Hope you have a great week so far!

With love, Vanesa S.

More pictures on @takeoffwithlove

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