Touch of Nudes Look

Hei guys!

How has 2017 been treating you so far? Well, we’ve made it through the second week of the New Year and I hope your resolutions are going by the plan. I have to say 2017 has been very good to me so far, as my blog is growing which I have to thank all of you, who supports me and reads my blog. I’m very grateful for each one of you! As far as New Year’s resolutions go, I didn’t really make any as my year has ended on a high note. I’m just trying to make everyday the best, explore new places and be kind to others.

So I’m still in Ohio, but I have some travels planned in coming weeks. We have crazy weather in Columbus right now. One day is -14 degreese Celsius and then next day it gets till +15. So don’t be suprised if my outfits are not very Winter like as it was quite a warm day today.







Sweater & Jacket: Forever21 | Bag: Tommy Hilfiger | Boots: Zara

With love, Vanesa S.


More pictures on @takeoffwithlove

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