My Everyday Skin Routine

I’m giving you a peek to my skin products haul. When it comes to the skin routines and products I will go all the way! I would rather spend my money on skin products then on makeup, because I think that no makeup will help you if your skin is not healthy and glowing.

Over the years I tried a couple of things, but I think I finally found a routine that works the best for my skin type, which is more dry than oily.

So let’s talk about my favorite products and the benefits for your skin!



Morning routine

The first thing I use when I wake up is Damask Rose Floral Water from Melvita (2.), that is recommended for delicate skin types. I use it because it tends to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and lines. I actually love every product that Melvita puts on the market and I have to admit I tried and I’m still using most of their products. But you will get the feeling how big of a fan of this brand I am after you read the whole article. The next product I use is usually Rosehip Seed Oil Skin Renew Firming Serum from Lanoline (1.), which is one of the most powerful skin repair oils. And lastly, as my moisturizer, I use 100 % Argan Oil from Melvita (6.). I love argan oil on my skin, because it absorbs well and leaves skin soft and smooth. And based of its golden yellow color with a nutty smell, you know it’s a good quality.

Evening Routine

My evening routine starts with a good cleansing gel which is Bouquet Floral Gentle Cleansing Jelly from Melvita (4.) that I use with my Face Brush. I don’t like to use face brush everyday because it is not good for the skin. They are brilliant, however I don’t think they work for all skin types. To use them twice a week is enough as daily use disrupts  the skin of its natural PH balance.

After my skin is clean and makeup free, I use Damask Rose Floral Water from Melvita (2.) and then I put on Elizabeth Arden Millenium Night Renewal Cream (3.). Twice a week I also like to usu Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask (5.), that smooths and nourishes the skin. I love this product and every morning I feel my skin is soft, dewy and glowing!

If you are having troubles determining your skin type, you can help yourself with this HEALTHSTYLEHUB easy quiz, that will tell you what skin type you are!

I hope this post answered some of your questions and inspired any of you who needed a skin routine advice. Thanks for reading my blog!


With love, Vanesa S.


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