A little Tropical Fairy Tale in the middle of Columbus, Ohio

“Franklin Park Conservatory”

I’ve been in Columbus many times before but I never took time to really explore the city. Now that I have more time on my hands, I need to integrate into the local life, so I decided to find some cute places around the city to visit!

Yesterday my friend took me to Franklin Park Conservatory and I was suprised to see such a zen place in the middle of this big city.

Franklin Park Conservatory has a series of different global climate zones include including Himalayan Mountains, Tropical Rainforest, Desert and Pacific Island Water Garden. Additional plant collections include a Bonsai Courtyard, Showhouse with seasonal displays, orchids and tropical bonsai collections, and Palm House with more than 40 species of palms.

Overall, it was very relaxing to stroll through the conservatory and see all of the beautiful plants and water displays.

With love, Vanesa S.

image35 image210 image132image51 image131

For more informations visit www.fpconservatory.org


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