Punta Cana Travel Guide, Dominican Republic

If you’re thinking about a romantic island getaway but can’t quite figure out where to go, Punta Cana is the best place for you!

Dominican Republic is the most visited destination in the Caribbean and in comparison to other destinations it is cheaper than other paradise islands. This is precisely what attracted us when we chose this island for our vacation destination.

Our travel agent suggested two most tourist spots Punta Cana and Puerto Plata. Because Punta Cana is on the Eastern part of the country where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea, this place tends to produce calmer water and more serene beaches and that is why we picked out Punta Cana.



Punta Cana has a tropical climate so the weather is warm all year long. But I would still advise you to visit Punta Cana in top season from November to March if you want to avoid the rainy season.


There is plenty of food in hotel resorts but I would strongly advise you to try some local food as Punta Cana offers delicious Dominican Republic eats. Make sure to try the Bandera (consist of white rice, cooked beans and meat with fried plantains and a side salad), Pica Pollo (features fried chicken served with a side of fried green banana slices called tostones) or the Mangu (consist of boiled mashed green plantains served with rice and beans). Bon apetit!


Every country has it’s typical dance and that is merengue in Dominican Republic. Many beginners describe merengue as being pretty simple to pickup, being that its foundation is a basic marching step. Don’t be shy, there are plenty of merengue classes in hotel resorts, so join the group.


There are lots of things to do in Punta Cana as the area offers water attractions, such as racing speedboats, ziplinning, four-wheeling, catamaran sailing, deep sea sport fishing, discovery cruises, floating spas, private yachts, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling cruises, swimming with sharks and stingrays, whale watching, reef exploring and visiting small islands like Catalina and Saona.

But the problem is that hotel resorts are so big and they offer so many things that once get on the property, you basically stay there and you don’t have the need to explore much.

But for those who are adventures I suggest to at least visit Santo Domingo or go swim with the dolphins.



For those of you who want to immerse yourself in the Dominican culture, a day in the city of Santo Domingo will not dissapoint you.  Although the trip from Punta Cana is long, it is worth getting to know the colonial city located in the country’s historic center.



Swimming with dolphins in Punta Cana is one of the best adventures you will ever have at the Dominican Republic! It was on my wish list for so long and I finally got to experience this. Me and Blaz took the Gold pass that got us  30 minutes with two dolphins, Arial and Luna. It is quite expensive if you count in that your time with dolphins is divided by 10 people. But anyway it was one of the best experiences of our life, especially the feeling when Arial and Luna jumped over our bodies and gave us a kiss, we will never forget.


During our visit we stayed in Iberostar Bavaro Resort *****. Book a hotel here:



White sandy beaches with sapphire blue water and swaying coco palms make Punta Cana a perfect Caribbean Getaway for everyone who perfers all-inclusive resorts that offer everything you could ever wish for.

With love, Vanesa S.


More pictures on @takeoffwithlove

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