Black & White Look

This Christmas we were away from our families, and I have to admit, it wasn’t the same. But at least we had a chance to celebrate it together! Over the years we didn’t spent holidays together, because Blaz was usually on the plane for the next tennis tournament and I was back home, working! But this year, as my job contract in Slovenia expired, I had a chance to be with him in our new home in Columbus.
So we tried to create the same Christmas spirit as our parents would do back home. We were cooking Christmas dinner while famous carols were playing, we light the candles and then we waited for Santa Close to come! It was amazing, especially because this year we went trough life changing experience, moving across the ocean, and it all turn out to be great so far! We were grateful!

The next day we took a walk in the city and we made a Black & White Lookbook!

Blouse: H&M| Jeans & Boots: Zara| Purse: Valentino

Hope you like it!

With love, Vanesa S.

More pictures on @takeoffwithlove

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