Melvita Gift Sets for Christmas

“Melvita Gift Boxes!”

Looking for some last-minute gift ideas? I’m here to your rescue. Here are some great holiday gift box ideas that are good for anyone.

I get asked about my favorite skincare products all the time, and I’m always a little hesitant to make recommendations because what works for me may not work for you. For years now I have a pretty strong allegiance to organic skin care Melvita products, because they work for my skin and have a pretty nice price point.

Here, I highlighted a handful of my current favorites and because Christmas is right about the corner, I will point out my favorite products in the contex of gift sets.

  1. My two favorite Melvita products of all time are 100% organic Argan Oil that is an exceptionally rich oil and the savior for the first wrinkles, and Damask Rose Floral Water which refreshes my face every morning and night. Now you can find both products in BASKET OF BEAUTY GIFT SET for only 24,90.


2. Next product that I use all the time is Nectar de Roses body milk which is enriched with rose floral water and it provides intense hydration for 24 hours. This product is now available in THREE WILD ROSES GIFT SET for only 24,90.


3. The last product that I am going to highlight is for all you travelers out there and it is called 100 % Argan Oil in a roll-on format. This product is the perfect size for traveling, especially when you have a long flight ahead of you. Now you can find this convenient product in a GIFT SET together with Comforting Hand Cream for only 7,90.


I hope this post wil make you shopping spree less stressful.

“Enjoy your holidays and give lots of love! It can be contagious!”

With love, Vanesa S.

More of my favorite skincare products on

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