Juana M Restaurant, Buenos Aires

My partner is 193 cm (6’4 feet) tall and a big food lover, so of course when we were in Buenos Aires, steak was on our plate every single day. I’m not exaggerating, there was even a time that we ate steak for lunch and dinner.

I must admit that I did not complain about his eating habits, but I had even encouraged his hunger, just so I could once again tasted delicious Argentinian steak.

In that week we ate at several restaurants, but there is one that really impressed me – Juana M. Restaurante in Calle Posadas – just a few minutes walk from our hotel.

The restaurant is a bit hidden from the group of restaurants in Calle Posadas, but once you find it, follow the stairs down to the entrance and you’ll notice how big this restaurant actually is.

I really liked the warm and welcoming atmosphere this restaurant has to offer, furthermore the ambient is cozy and artistic vibe is reflected in local modern paintings.

The place offers all sorts of argentinan beef steaks but has also vegetarian choices. Salad bar had a wide variety of fresh and high quality veggies. The house wine is tasty and they also sell bottled wines as well. The buffet of sides and salads is included with every order of a full size main course, what makes dining very affordable.

More on www.juanam.com

Overall a great place with good food and nice friendly quick service.

with love, Vanesa S.

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